Another happy seller

I would like to share our experience selling our first home with Monica Villalobos. She is a Real Estate Agent who lives in Colony Park so she knows the neighborhood inside out. That’s a huge advantage because you don’t have to waste your time explaining about the area to your agent when selling your house. She knows exactly what to do to sell your home. 

And another huge advantage is that… Monica’s mom, Cristina is her stager (she also lives in Colony Park) and she is just the most sweetest and generous person I have ever met. Just a fabulous team! I was very stressed and overwhelmed by packing and cleaning for staging and photos but Cristina came over to look at our place and discuss about how and what to do for staging. She came and explained everything and really comforted me… she also knew that we both work and I won’t be able to cook for a few days so she brought us her special pasta salad… OMG… I was literally in awe… I have so many awesome things so say about these two and Monica’s team at Remax Prestige work very diligently on timely manner.

First of all, this whole crazy process ended within two months without any issues. It was our first time selling our home and I had tonssss of questions. But on our first meeting, Monica was totally prepared in writing and explained every question I had in detail. She was super helpful and knowledgeable. During our first meeting, I knew I could trust her. She was always available for me and always able to reach her. Also, she priced the house perfectly. After the open house we received three offers following day and the selling process began immediately.

Second, Cristina did an amazing staging job. I really don’t like heavy decors and like it simple. And she did exactly how I liked it. Staging was very simple and made the house look spacious.

I just can’t express how dependable and so caring, honest, trustworthy and professional they are. They are so many real estate agents out there but I’m so glad I contacted Monica (I kept her post card for a year) and trusted her with our sale.

Trust me.. I am the most pickiest and OCD person you’ll ever meet…. She made our first home sale experience stress-free. And we got $$$$$$$ in our pocket!!! More than what we expected! Everything went just right and I would definitely recommend her when you decide to sell your home.